Friday, October 1, 2010

this is whats up...  just the other day. i was walking down the road to hear nothing other then some kid on a scooter those razor things anyways hes like "faggot" now this kid was actually bigger then me and he was like 20 aswell so not really a kid but anyway he said i was a faggot cause i had long hair? wtf . so i continue skating and he's like you you better run away faggot, so i stop right there and shit and walk upto him ask him what the fuck his problem is he continues to tell me im a raging homosexual and what am i going to do about it , so i push him and get this the guys falls over into a power pole his his head and starts fucking CRYING!


Friday, September 24, 2010

sorrrrry guys

hey guys sorry i havent been on in like fucking forever ill start some more posts soon for now heres just an update on a few things i hate

human beings
lil wayne
and getting d/c

till next time guys have a good one ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

you know what i hate! , fucking racist. no im not talking about hating blacks fuck that im talking about these damn black cunts hating us whites? for taking them out of a poverty stricken country for equality it the one great as fuck nation of america and you know fucking what them damn ass fuck bitches sure know how to ruin shit we take them outta poverty they jump right back in it with thug mentality drugs an guns tthinkging they're fucking badass, you think your cool rolling a peice join the fucking army you scared ass school boy bitch you cant even hold you glock .12 up for 10 fucking minutes retaining the same aim. so shut the fuck up and get a job, and you know what else its all sweet n good when they call us trash but as soon as a nigger get told hes a jobless fuck its like he gets on his high horse and all WHAT YOU SAY BOY up in my grill like im the bad one doll bludging for a fucking family of 9 WEAR A CONDOM you peice of shit get a job and a career maybe its not to late to late your family fucking life and earn some respect in the general public . this of course is generalisation and not aimed at blacks in general i know whites are like this too.


Monday, September 6, 2010

so my fellow fuckin' bloggers, you know what im sick of, 4chan rapidly gains popularity through my age and fucking friends im sick of everyone treatin it like its some cool club on the net if my cocksucking friends never broke the rules in the first place this wouldnt of happened now every bitch walkin round actin like they part of anon why they dont even DDoS our causes or do any operations at all in anyway just make thier /b/ folder fucking bigger shit is bullshit im sick of cancerous trolls thinking thier funny inpersonating walter calton bitch made faggots dont even know how epic that shit was back in 2005 >: (